Plan of Organization Review Committee (PORC)

Plan of Organization Review Committee

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The Plan of Organization Review Committee (PORC) was charged in October 2013 with conducting a thorough review of the University's Plan of Organization and making recommendations on proposed revisions. The Plan of Organization Review Committee was elected by the University Senate, and its membership included one representative faculty member from each College, School, and the Library, as well as at least two University-wide administrators, two undergraduate students, two graduate students, and two staff members.

The PORC submitted its recommendations to the Senate on February 11, 2015. The Senate voted to approve the proposed revisions to the Plan by a majority vote. The Proposed revisions were then submitted for an institution-wide referrendum, as is required for any revisions to the Plan. The Plan was approved with at least a majority of the votes cast within two of the three major constituencies, and the results were certified on March 2, 2015. The President approved the revised Plan on March 9, 2015. 

More information about the review process can be found in Senate Document #14-15-19. Information on subsequent related revisions to the Senate Bylaws can be found in Senate Document #14-15-20.

Committee Members

Breslow, MarvinSenate
Cobb, RobertUndergraduate StudentLTSCrcobb@umd.edu2014
Essel, KristenUndergraduate StudentBSOSkessel1@umd.edu2014
Friedman, LeeInstructional NTT Faculty MemberCMNSlaf2h@umd.edu2014
Haider, MuhiuddinResearch NTT Faculty MemberSPHLmhaider@umd.edu2014
Holum, KennethSenate
Jacobson, JessExempt Staff MemberSVPAAPjess2008@umd.edu2014
Kashani Pour, AmirGraduate StudentINELakashani@umd.edu2014
Kaufman, OmerUndergraduate StudentBSOSokaufman@umd.edu2014
Kerstein, SamuelARHU Faculty MemberARHUkerstein@umd.edu2014
Kery-Grant, ElsaNon-Exempt Staff MemberVPAFekerygra@umd.edu2014
Kofinas, PeterENGR Faculty MemberENGRkofinas@umd.edu2014
McFarland, MargaretARCH Faculty MemberARCHmmcf@umd.edu2014
Montfort, RekaSenate
Morici, PeterBMGT Faculty MemberBMGTpmorici@umd.edu2014
Oates, SarahJOUR Faculty MemberJOURsoates@umd.edu2014
Ohler, LilaLIBR Faculty MemberLIBRlohler@umd.edu2014
Prestegaard, KarenCMNS Faculty MemberCMNSkpresto@umd.edu2014
Sahyoun, NadineAGNR Faculty MemberAGNRnsahyoun@umd.edu2014
Shenassa, EdmondSPHL Faculty MemberSPHLshenassa@umd.edu2014
Smith, PaulAdministration RepCMNSpjs@umd.edu2014
St Jean, BethINFO Faculty MemberINFObstjean@umd.edu2014
Steinbruner, JohnPUAF Faculty MemberPUAFjsteinbr@umd.edu2014
Stromquist, NellyEDUC Faculty MemberEDUCstromqui@umd.edu2014
Wellford, CharlesBSOS Faculty MemberBSOSwellford@umd.edu2014