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Senate Bill 14-15-35

Bill ID: 14-15-35
Name: Apportionment of the University Senate
Proposed: 04/17/2015
Sponsor: Senate Executive Committee (SEC)
Proposal: The Senate Executive Committee (SEC) requests that the Elections, Representation, & Governance (ERG) Committee calculate the apportionment of all senators following the revision and approval of the University of Maryland Plan of Organization for Shared Governance.
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Status: Completed
Completed On: 11/23/2015


Reviewed By: Senate Executive Committee (SEC)
Received: 11/16/2015
Decision Date: 11/23/2015
Decision: The SEC voted to accept the report and send it to the Senate Office for implementation in the next election cycle.
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Reviewed By: Elections, Representation, & Governance (ERG) Committee
Received: 04/21/2015
Decision Date: 11/16/2015
Decision Due By: 11/06/2015
Decision: The ERG Committee voted to forward its recommendations to the SEC for review.
Actions: The ERG Committee discussed the charge on April 24, 2015 and decided to form a subcommittee to begin working on the charge during summer 2015.

The ERG Committee reviewed all constituency categories and definitions and population data from Spring 2015 and Fall 2015. The ERG Committee consulted with the Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment to gather this data.

The ERG Committee calculated the apportionment in November 2015 based on the Fall 2015 population data. The committee voted to approve the revised apportionment and send its recommendations forward to the SEC for review.
Next Step: SEC Review
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Reviewed By: Senate Executive Committee (SEC)
Received: 04/21/2015
Decision Date: 04/28/2015
Decision: The SEC voted to charge the ERG Committee with determining the correct apportionment for Senate constituencies.
Next Step: ERG Review