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Senate Bill 15-16-07

Bill ID: 15-16-07
Name: BOR Staff Awards 2015-2016
Proposed: 09/30/2015
Sponsor: Council of University System Staff (CUSS)
Proposal: The Council of University System Staff (CUSS) is accepting nominations for the 2015-2016 University System of Maryland (USM) Board of Regents (BOR) Staff Awards. These awards present an excellent opportunity for USM institutions to recognize outstanding staff members. All of the USM institutions are encouraged to submit nominations for the BOR Staff Awards. The awards represent the highest honor bestowed by the BOR for achievements of Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff employees.

In accordance with BOR Policy, the nominations must be reviewed at each institution before submission to the CUSS Awards Review Committee. At the University of Maryland, College Park, the Senate Staff Affairs Committee (representative of all classifications of employees at UMD) reviews all nomination packages and submits recommendations to the President. The President will send recommendations to the CUSS Awards Review Committee. The CUSS Awards Review Committee will then select the final candidates to be submitted to the BOR. Recipients will be announced in summer 2016 with formal presentation of the award recipients by the BOR in early fall 2016.


Status: Completed
Completed On: 06/16/2016


Reviewed By: Board of Regents (BOR)
Received: 06/16/2016
Decision Date: 06/16/2016
Decision: The BOR approved the final Staff Awards for 2016.
Actions: The BOR reviewed all system-wide nominees and selected recipients for each of the award categories. The recipients were announced in June 2016 with a formal presentation of the award recipients by the BOR scheduled for fall 2016.

The following staff members were selected as the recipients of the 2016 BOR Staff Awards:

Exceptional Contribution to the Institution and/or Unit to Which a Person Belongs
Paul Dillon, Exempt Staff -- UMBC
Allene Denise Atkinson, Non-Exempt Staff -- UMBC

Outstanding Service to Students in an Academic or Residential Environment
Robert Batten, Exempt Staff -- BSU

Extraordinary Public Service to the University or the Greater Community
Hazel Jones Parker, Exempt Staff -- UMB
Katie Simmons-Barth, Non-Exempt Staff -- TU

Effectiveness and Efficiency
Mildred Homa -- UMBC
Next Step: Formal Presentation of Recipients

Reviewed By: Council of University System Staff (CUSS)
Received: 01/29/2016
Decision: CUSS decided to recommend finalists to the BOR for approval.
Actions: The CUSS Awards Review Committee reviewed the nomination packages from all USM Institutions, and submitted its recommendations to the BOR in late spring 2016.
Next Step: Board of Regents (BOR) Review

Reviewed By: President Loh
Received: 01/15/2016
Decision Date: 01/29/2016
Decision: President Loh confirmed and endorsed the nominations as recommended by the Senate Staff Affairs Committee.
Actions: President Loh reviewed the nomination materials as submitted by the Staff Affairs Committee and drafted the required Presidential Endorsement Letters.
Next Step: CUSS Review

Reviewed By: Staff Affairs Committee
Received: 08/28/2015
Decision Due By: 01/22/2016
Actions: CUSS sent the 2015-2016 instructions to the University of Maryland on August 7, 2015. The instructions were shared with the Staff Affairs Committee at its first meeting of the year on September 4, 2015.

The Staff Affairs Committee began discussing advertising strategies for the nominations process at the beginning of the fall 2015 semester. The committee set the internal campus nominations due date as Friday, November 20, 2015. A webpage with instructions was created on the Senate website; the webpage went live on Tuesday, September 29, 2015. An email announcing the awards process with instructions was sent to all staff and faculty members on Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

A subcommittee was established for review of the nomination packets. The subcommittee members include:

Marci Deloatch (Non-Exempt Staff)
Michelle DeOrnellas (Exempt Staff)
Brandon Dula (Exempt Staff)
Rosanne Hoaas (Non-Exempt Staff)
Dolores Jackson (Exempt Staff)
Shayna Mazel (Student)
Jo Zimmerman (Faculty)

Marci Deloatch was elected to chair the subcommittee. The subcommittee reviewed all nomination packages in mid-December. In total, the subcommittee reviewed 14 exempt and 3 non-exempt nominations as submitted for the 2015-2016 BOR Staff Awards for the University of Maryland College Park campus. All nomination packages were collected by the Senate Office and posted to the Staff Affairs Committee's secure webpage.

The 2015-2016 BOR Staff Awards Review Subcommittee met on December 1, 2015 to discuss the review process. The subcommittee met on January 5, 2016 to discuss all nomination packages and vote on which nominees to recommend to the full Staff Affairs Committee for presentation to President Loh. The subcommittee members used quantitative and qualitative evaluation forms for their individual reviews, as designed by the 2011-2012 Staff Affairs Committee.

Following review and discussion, the subcommittee voted to put forward seven recommendations to the full Staff Affairs Committee. Because no nominations were received in the 4th award category, "Effectiveness and Efficiency," the subcommittee identified a package that fit the requirements and contacted the nominator for approval to switch the package into this category. The full Staff Affairs Committee reviewed the recommendations as submitted by the subcommittee, and voted in favor of forwarding the following nominations for consideration by President Loh:

1. Exceptional Contribution to the Institution and/or Unit to which the Person Belongs
Exempt Nominee: Donna Hammer -- Department of Physics
Non-Exempt Nominee: No Nominee

2. Outstanding Service to Students in an Academic or Residential Environment
Exempt Nominee: Bryan Quinn -- Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Non-Exempt Nominee: No Nominee

3. Extraordinary Public Service to the University or Greater Community
Exempt Nominee: Gloria Aparicio Blackwell -- Division of Administration and Finance
Non-Exempt Nominee: Paige Miller -- Department of Public Safety

4. Effectiveness and Efficiency in Academic or Administrative Transformation
Administrative Transformation: June Sherer -- Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Science and Geology
Academic Transformation: No Nominee

The nominees were forwarded to President Loh on January 15, 2016.
Next Step: Presidential Review