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Senate Bill 20-21-02

Bill ID: 20-21-02
Name: Approval of the 2020-2021 Committee & Council Slates
Proposed: 08/12/2020
Sponsor: Committee on Committees
Proposal: The Committee on Committees presents the 2020-2021 Committee & Council slates for Senate review and approval.


Status: Completed
Completed On: 09/11/2020


Presidential Approval: 09/11/2020
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Reviewed By: Senate
Received: 08/19/2020
Decision Date: 09/08/2020
Decision: The Senate voted to approve the slates.
Next Step: Presidential Approval
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Reviewed By: Senate Executive Committee (SEC)
Received: 08/13/2020
Decision Date: 08/19/2020
Decision: The SEC voted to place the slates on the agenda of the September 8, 2020 Senate meeting for consideration.
Next Step: Senate Review
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Reviewed By: Committee on Committees
Received: 05/15/2020
Decision Date: 06/23/2020
Decision: The Committee on Committees voted to send the proposed slates to the SEC for review.
Actions: The Committee on Committees met on May 28, 2020 and June 5, 2020 to review all of the committee volunteers and their statements. There were 92 membership openings to fill on the ten standing committees of the Senate, and the Committee on Committees received and reviewed 440 volunteer applications from the various constituencies on campus. The committee endeavored to create balanced standing committee memberships, representing a variety of Colleges/Schools, departments/units, disciplines, and gender, to the best of its ability. The committee selected faculty, staff, and student volunteers to fill the 92 open positions. The committee members used the volunteers’ top three choices from their preference form to place volunteers onto respective committees. In addition, the Senate Office staff were assigned responsibilities for further recruitment efforts, as needed.

The 2020-2021 Committee on Committees approved the final slate on June 23, 2020. Following the final placements, the Senate Office informed all of the volunteers whether they had been placed on a committee for the 2020-2021 academic year. The Senate Office staff worked with the Chair of the Committee on Committees to fill any vacancies that arose during the summer.

Additionally, the Senate Chair worked with the representative of the Provost on the University Library Council to create a slate of candidates for the Council. The Senate Chair and the Director of the Senate worked with the Vice President for Research to create a slate of appointees for the University Research Council. The Senate Chair and the Director of the Senate also worked with the Vice President for Information Technology (IT) and Chief Information Officer to create a slate of appointees for the University IT Council.

Any vacancies on committees and councils that arise during the academic year will be filled in accordance with the Bylaws.
Next Step: SEC Review