Campus Transportation Advisory Committee

Chair: Dannielle Glaros (dglaros@umd.edu)

Contact: Valerie Goubeau (vgoubeau@umd.edu)

The Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) advises the Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer on transportation issues. This includes the review of parking and mandatory student fee proposals, recommendations regarding Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) or other university policies that impact campus transportation, and the implementation of longstanding and/or emerging industry best practices. CTAC typically meets three to four times per semester during the academic year.

Voting members are appointed to CTAC by the University Senate or student stakeholder group leadership. There are seventeen voting members. The committee comprises ten representatives from the University Senate: three faculty, two exempt staff, two non-exempt staff, one Staff Affairs Committee member, one Campus Affairs Committee member, and one undergraduate student at-large. The Student Government Association, Graduate Student Government, and Residence Hall Association hold seven additional seats.

Elections for the Senate-elected seats are typically conducted at the Annual Transition Meeting of the Senate in early May. If you are interested in running for a position on CTAC, please contact the Senate Office at senate-admin@umd.edu for more information.

Past Committee Work

Council Members

Ferrick, GeneStaff MemberCMNSgene@umd.edu2026
Hovde, SarahFaculty MemberLIBRshovde@umd.edu2027
Keen, PaulStaff MemberCMNSpkeen@umd.edu2027
Paley, DerekFaculty MemberENGRdpaley@umd.edu2025
Sharp, MiriamStaff MemberVPAmsharp@umd.edu2025
Vinodh, EthanUndergraduate SenatorCMNSevinodh@terpmail.umd.edu2025