Seda Tolu

Being an Undergraduate Senator for the College of Mathematical and Natural Sciences (CMNS) for the 2012 term has been an invaluable experience that I could have never attained in a lecture or from a textbook. It is an experience that has proven to be the pinnacle of my academic career here at the University of Maryland.


Upcoming Meetings

Faculty Affairs Committee Meeting - 10/23/17

The Faculty Affairs Committee will meet with guests from the Libraries and the Senate Office to discuss its charges on the APPS policy and the faculty grievance policy.

Staff Affairs Committee Meeting - 10/23/17

The Staff Affairs Committee will discuss the ongoing Board of Regents' Staff Awards process and hear updates from representatives to several committees.

EDI Committee Meeting - 10/23/17

The EDI Committee will continue work on its charge on gender-inclusive facilities, and will speak with a representative from Athletics.