Marc Pound

When I came to the University of Maryland as a postdoc in 1997, campus governance was the furthest thing from my mind. I was more concerned with attacking my research problems and, perhaps like many young scientists, had a distaste for politics of any kind. My department was good to me, I was happy to be working that was enough.


Upcoming Meetings

ERG Committee Meeting - 11/27/18

The ERG Committee will consider revisions to the College of Information Studies Plan of Organization and the University of Maryland Libraries Plan of Organization.

Faculty Affairs Committee Meeting - 11/28/18

The FAC will continue working on revisions to the University's Policy and Procedures Concerning Research Misconduct and review subcommittee findings regarding updates to the Procedures Related to Family and Medical Leave for Faculty.

Educational Affairs Committee Meeting - 11/30/18

The Educational Affairs Committee will consider the annual General Education Report.