Maggie Saponaro

I have been one of three faculty members serving on the Senate Staff Affairs Committee for a majority of my time at the University, first being appointed to the Committee in 2003, and then being reappointed in 2009. During my time on Staff Affairs, I have gained a greater understanding of governance at the University and have seen several key issues for staff raised and addressed.


Upcoming Meetings

SEC Meeting - 8/29/17

The first SEC Meeting will include consideration of the committee and council slates for the upcoming year, the ARHU Plan of Org, the interim Social Media Privacy policy, the PTK Merit Pay policy, and more.

PCC Meeting - 9/1/17

The first PCC Committee meeting of the semester will include an introduction to the program review process and consideration of proposals from various Colleges and units.

Senate Meeting - 9/6/17

The first Senate Meeting of the semester will include a Presidential Briefing, an orientation for new Senators, and any additional items reviewed and placed on the agenda by the SEC.