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Doc No
Current StatusUnder Review By
19-20-16Revision to the Senate Bylaws on Representation for the Vice President of Diversity and InclusionYesUnder ReviewSenate Executive Committee (SEC)
19-20-15Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) Senate RepresentationYesUnder ReviewSenate Executive Committee (SEC)
19-20-14PCC Proposal to Establish a Bachelor of Arts in Real Estate and the Built EnvironmentYesUnder ReviewSenate Executive Committee (SEC)
19-20-13PCC Proposal to Establish a Bachelor of Arts in Religions of the Ancient Middle EastYesUnder ReviewSenate Executive Committee (SEC)
19-20-12PCC Proposal to Establish a Doctorate of Public HealthYesPending Approval
19-20-11PCC Proposal to Establish a Baccalaureate Program in Immersive Media DesignYesUnder ReviewSenate Executive Committee (SEC)
19-20-10Proposal to Lower the University’s GPA Cutoff for Latin Honors EligibilityYesUnder ReviewAcademic Procedures & Standards (APAS) Committee
19-20-09Revision to Policy on Payment of Tuition and FeesYesUnder ReviewAcademic Procedures & Standards (APAS) Committee
19-20-08Review of the Status of Librarian I Faculty for Senate Representation PurposesYesUnder ReviewSenate Executive Committee (SEC)
19-20-07Consideration of a Policy on the Naming of Academic ProgramsYesUnder ReviewEducational Affairs Committee
19-20-06Review of the Interim Sexual Misconduct Staff ProceduresYesUnder ReviewStaff Affairs Committee
19-20-05Review of the Interim Sexual Misconduct Faculty ProceduresYesUnder ReviewFaculty Affairs Committee
19-20-04Review of the Interim Sexual Misconduct Student ProceduresYesUnder ReviewStudent Conduct Committee
19-20-03Review of the Interim University of Maryland Sexual Misconduct PolicyYesUnder ReviewEquity, Diversity, & Inclusion (EDI) Committee
19-20-02Approval of the 2019-2020 Committee & Council SlatesYesPending Approval
19-20-012018-2019 Legislation LogYesCompleted
18-19-37Proposal to Establish a Consensual Relationships PolicyYesUnder ReviewFaculty Affairs Committee
18-19-36Policy on Criminal Background Checks for Faculty and Staff EmployeesYesUnder ReviewFaculty Affairs Committee and Staff Affairs Committee
18-19-33Proposal to Review Policy and Practice Surrounding PTK Non-RenewalsYesUnder ReviewFaculty Affairs Committee
18-19-32Review of the Interim Policy on Use of University of Maryland Facilities by Non-University Users for Research-Related ActivitiesYesUnder ReviewCampus Affairs Committee
18-19-31PCC Proposal to Rename the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in “Intermediate Survey Methodology” to “Fundamentals of Survey Methodology” YesPending Approval
18-19-22PCC Proposal to Establish a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Innovation and EntrepreneurshipYesPending Approval
18-19-21Proposal on Support for Students Dealing with Difficult Life ConditionsYesUnder ReviewOffice of Faculty Affairs, Graduate School, Office of Undergraduate Studies
18-19-16Review of the University of Maryland Non-Discrimination Policy and ProceduresYesUnder ReviewEquity, Diversity, & Inclusion (EDI) Committee
18-19-12BOR Staff Awards 2018-2019YesUnder ReviewBoard of Regents
18-19-10Review of the University of Maryland, College Park Procedures for the Use of Physical FacilitiesYesPending Approval
18-19-06Review of the University of Maryland, College Park Policy on Inclusive LanguageYesUnder ReviewEquity, Diversity, & Inclusion (EDI) Committee
17-18-12Review of the University of Maryland Policy and Procedures for the Establishment and Review of Centers and Institutes YesUnder ReviewResearch Council
16-17-24Student Course Evaluation Improvement ProjectYesUnder ReviewSenate
13-14-37Revisions to the School of Public Health (SPHL) Plan of OrganizationYesUnder ReviewElections, Representation, & Governance (ERG) Committee and Faculty Affairs Committee
12-13-37Revisions to the College of Information Studies (INFO) Plan of OrganizationYesUnder ReviewElections, Representation, & Governance (ERG) Committee and Faculty Affairs Committee