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College & School Plans of Organization

The University of Maryland Plan of Organization for Shared Governance is the University's main governing document, which details our principles of shared governance. The Plan outlines a system of governance in which faculty, staff, students, and administrators work together on issues that affect the campus community at all levels. The Plan clearly states that such principles of shared governance should be instituted at each level of governance at the University, including by each College or School within the University. This has facilitated increased communication between the various University constituencies, and has provided an opportunity for everyone to have a voice and exercise leadership in decisions that help shape the University.

The University Plan of Organization states that each College or School, department or other academic unit, and the University Libraries (all referred to as "College" throughout these webpages) shall also have a Plan of Organization to govern its operations. These Plans must also embody the principles of shared governance and reflect University policy. The University Plan of Organization allows amendments to College Plans be made at any time, but also requires a formal review every ten years.

The current Plans of Organization for each College and School are listed below.

Name Last Review Next Review Current Status Plan
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources 2022 2032 Current Plan
School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation 2017 2027 Current Plan
College of Arts & Humanities 2017 2027 Current Plan
Robert H. Smith School of Business 2016 2026 Current Plan
College of Computer, Mathematical, & Natural Sciences 2014 2024 Current Plan
College of Education 2018 2028 Current Plan
A. James Clark School of Engineering 2019 2029 Current Plan
University of Maryland Libraries 2020 2030 Current Plan
Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute 2016 2026 Current Plan
Philip Merrill College of Journalism 2013 2023 Current Plan
College of Information Studies 2020 2030 Current Plan
School of Public Health 2012 2017 Under consideration by ERG and FAC Plan
School of Public Policy 2023 2033 Current Plan
College of Behavioral & Social Sciences 2013 2023 Current Plan