Elections Results

2021-2022 Senator Election Results

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2021-2022 Senators-Elect

Staff | Faculty Single-Member Constituencies | Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students

Nima Farshchi  Contingent Staff
Chante Ingram Exempt Staff in Colleges
Jose Cadiz Exempt Staff in Divisions
Joseph Criscuoli Exempt Staff in Divisions
Nicole Garcia Diaz Exempt Staff in Divisions
Namrata Ram-Andriessens Exempt Staff in Divisions
Miriam Sharp Exempt Staff in Divisions
Natalie Taylor Exempt Staff in Divisions
Joanna Wiley Non-Exempt Staff in Colleges
Ulric Bethel Non-Exempt Staff in Divisions
Faculty Single-Member Constituencies  
Peter Wolfe Emeritus Faculty
Zhenhua Zou Post-Doctoral Scholars, Post-Doctoral Associates, Junior Lecturers, and Faculty Assistants 
Adam Lloyd Part-Time Research, Part-Time Teaching, Adjunct Faculty, and All Visiting Faculty
Undergraduate Students  
Sophia Mense AGNR
Insha Sheikh ARCH
Denise Burroughs ARHU
Ozioma Erondu ARHU
Christopher Chen BMGT
Patrick Murphy BMGT
Leah Williams BMGT
Bryce Kowalczyk BSOS
Amir Kalantary BSOS
Kassidy Jacobs BSOS
M Pease BSOS
Ngoc Bui CMNS
Mariam Khan CMNS
Isaiah Hilsenrath CMNS
Daniel Levy CMNS
Logan Stevens CMNS
Saxon Brown EDUC
Calvin Burns ENGR
Tejas Guha ENGR
Bilal Mohammed ENGR
Danielle Tayco ENGR
Zeeshan Anam INFO
Matthew Shea JOUR
Alexa Keyser LTSC
Ilanit Sedek LTSC
Aman Thanvi LTSC
Joshua Winston PLCY
Tiffany Jackson SPHL
Mumtahina Tabassum SPHL
Michael Solbavarro Part-Time Undergraduate Student (CMNS)
Graduate Students  
Jacob Preston Hill Balcolm PLCY
Jingshuai Du SPHL
Valerie Hall BSOS
Rahul Marri ENGR
Hallie Oines INFO
Autumn Perkey BSOS
Mehdy Sedaghat Payam ARHU
Jennifer Valdez EDUC
Antoinette Waller EDUC
Kate Yanchulis JOUR
Michael Wadleigh Part-Time Graduate Student (BMGT)


2021-2022 Chair-Elect & Elected Committee Results

At the Annual Transition Meeting of the Senate, usually occurring in May of each academic year, Senators elect representatives for the Senate-Elected Committees and Councils. The results of these elections are announced below following the Transition Meeting.

Chair-Elect | Senate Executive Committee (SEC) | Committee on Committes | Athletic Council | Council of University System Faculty (CUSF | Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC)

Rochelle Newman BSOS
Senate Executive Committee (SEC)
Vikrant Aute ENGR Faculty
Typhanye Dyer SPHL Faculty
Marc Pound CMNS Faculty
William Reed BSOS Faculty
Madlen Simon ARCH Faculty
Jordan Sly LIBR Faculty
Colleen Worthington BSOS Faculty
Joanna Wiley LIBR Non-Exempt Staff
Andrea Dragan VPR Exempt Staff
Rahul Marri ENGR Graduate Student
Antoniette Waller EDUC Graduate Student
Tiffany Jackson SPHL Undergraduate Student
M Pease BSOS Undergraduate Student
Committee on Committees
Zhi-Long Chen BMGT Faculty
Alison Flatau ENGR Faculty
Nicholas Montgomery BSOS Faculty
Jordan Sly LIBR Faculty
Gloria Aparicio Blackwell VPA Exempt Staff
Hallie Oines INFO Graduate Student
Insha Sheikh ARCH Undergraduate Student
Athletic Council
Doron Levy CMNS Faculty
Steven Prior SPHL Faculty
Council of University System Faculty (CUSF)
Holly Brewer ARHU Full-Time Representative
Marilee Lindemann ARHU Full-Time Representative
Marcia Shofner CMNS Full-Time Representative
Luz Martinez-Miranda ENGR Alternate Representative
Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC)
Hiroyuki Iseki ARCH Faculty
Suzanne Ashour-Bailey ENGR Exempt Staff
Antonietta Jennings VPR Non-Exempt Staff
Amir Kalantary BSOS Undergraduate