Elections Results

2020-2021 Senator Election Results

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2020-2021 Senators-Elect

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Kayla Griffith Contingent Staff
Suzanne Ashour-Bailey Exempt Staff in Colleges
Judi Gorski Exempt Staff in Colleges
Malina Blanton Heng Exempt Staff in Colleges
Gloria Aparicio Blackwell Exempt Staff in Divisions
James Bond Exempt Staff in Divisions
John Brown Non-Exempt Staff in Divisions
Anthony Harmon Non-Exempt Staff in Divisions
Nathan Sparks Non-Exempt Staff in Divisions
Faculty Single-Member Constituencies  
Peter Wolfe Emeritus Faculty
Rogerio Manuel Cabete de Jesus Jorge Post-Doctoral Scholars, Post-Doctoral Associates, Junior Lecturers, and Faculty Assistants 
Adam Lloyd Part-Time Research, Part-Time Teaching, Adjunct Faculty, and All Visiting Faculty
Undergraduate Students  
Camryn Kirk AGNR
Duong Le ARCH
Sarah Cobau ARHU
James Hanmer ARHU
Ahmad Hammad BMGT
Leah Williams BMGT
Jackson Leith BMGT
Emily Berry BSOS
Kassidy Jacobs BSOS
Bryce Kowalczyk BSOS
Nadia Owusu BSOS
Ngoc Bui CMNS
Daniel Fong CMNS
Benjamin Lin CMNS
Ali Shafii CMNS
Kevin Tu CMNS
Saxon Brown EDUC
Lauren Brown ENGR
Calvin Burns ENGR
Isaac Carlson ENGR
Danielle Tayco ENGR
Ricardo Jonathan INFO
Sara Wiatrak JOUR
Niels Brandon LTSC
Gabriel Cohen LTSC
Liam Pettus LTSC
Grant Handley PLCY
Tiffany Jackson SPHL
Brianna Nabet SPHL
Nikita Mutter Part-Time Undergraduate Student (LTSC)
Graduate Students  
Deborah Bors SPHL
Nicole Catanzarite BSOS
Tara Demmy ARHU
Qiao Ding AGNR
Abigail Esquivias SPHL
Alyson Farzad ARHU
Yehuda Katz CMNS
Sarah Kilmer EDUC
Han Kleman BSOS
Emmanuel Wanjala EDUC
Mintesnot Gebremichael Part-Time Graduate Student (ENGR)


2020-2021 Chair-Elect & Elected Committee Results

At the Annual Transition Meeting of the Senate, usually occurring in May of each academic year, Senators elect representatives for the Senate-Elected Committees and Councils. The results of these elections are announced below following the Transition Meeting.

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