Research Council

Research Council

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The Research Council is charged to formulate and continually review policies regarding research, its funding, its relation to graduate and undergraduate academic degree programs, and its service to the community. Also, the Council is charged to review the research needs of faculty, other researchers and students, and to make recommendations to facilitate the research process and productivity of the University. Further, the Council shall formulate and continually review policies on the establishment, naming, reorganization, or abolition of bureaus, centers, or institutes that do not offer programs of instruction or regularly offer courses for credit, including their relationship to graduate and undergraduate academic programs. Additionally, when it perceives problems, the Council has the power to undertake investigative studies and recommend solutions.

Past Committee Work

Council Members

Chapman, EricVP Research RepVPRechapman@umd.edu2018
Drew, LauraStudent MemberINELlbdrew@umd.edu2018
Eastman, MichelePresident's RepPRESmeastman@umd.edu2018
Enekwe, BlessingGraduate School RepGRADblessing@umd.edu2018
Fetter, SteveProvost's RepSVPAAPsfetter@umd.edu2018
Fourkas, JohnFaculty MemberCMNSfourkas@umd.edu2019
Holmes, AnnStaff MemberBSOSamholmes@umd.edu2019
Hultman, NathanFaculty MemberPLCYhultman@umd.edu2018
Hurtt, GeorgeChairBSOSgchurtt@umd.edu2020
Loeb, MartinFaculty MemberBMGTmploeb@umd.edu2019
Montgomery, WendyDirector of ORA RepVPRwmont@umd.edu2018
Puett, RobinFaculty MemberSPHLrpuett@umd.edu2020
Raghavan, SrinivasaFaculty MemberENGRsraghava@umd.edu2018
Roberts, DouglasUndergraduate Studies RepUGSTroberts@umd.edu2018
Silverberg, JustinUndergraduate Student MemberINELjsilve13@umd.edu2018
Smith, Martha NellFaculty MemberARHUmnsmith@umd.edu2019
Stanley, PatrickGraduate Student MemberINELstanley1@umd.edu2018
Taneyhill, LisaFaculty MemberAGNRltaney@umd.edu2018
Wexler, JadeFaculty MemberEDUCjawexler@umd.edu2019