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Senate Bill 13-14-37

Bill ID: 13-14-37
Name: Revisions to the School of Public Health (SPHL) Plan of Organization
Proposed: 09/02/2013
Sponsor: School of Public Health (SPHL)
Proposal: Section 11.1.c of the University's Plan of Organization stipulates that each College, or each School, and of the Library, and any revisions thereto, shall be filed with the Senate for approval or disapproval. The School of Public Health (SPHL) is submitting revisions to its Plan of Organization for Senate review.


Status: Under Review
Under Review By: Elections, Representation, & Governance (ERG) Committee and Faculty Affairs Committee
Received: 08/30/2013
Actions: ERG Committee:

The ERG Committee discussed the revisions to the Plan in September 2013 and created a special subcommittee to review the Plan changes. The subcommittee reviewed the Plan, and made comments. The full committee reviewed the subcommittee's work in February 2014, compiled its final comments, and sent its suggestions to SPHL, together with the comments of the Faculty Affairs Committee.

In February 2018, SPHL submitted a revised version of its Plan to the ERG Committee. In its review, the committee identified several concerns, including: an ambiguous/inconsistent definition of "faculty"; the lack of a single body that serves as the “Faculty Advisory Council” mandated of all Plans; and missing detail regarding quorum, meeting frequency, and voting procedures. The committee returned its feedback in April 2018.

Faculty Affairs Committee:

The committee began its review of the SPHL APT section in October 2013. The plan was sent to a subcommittee in the FAC, and subsequently was reviewed by the chair of the committee. The committee identified areas where the section should be revised to include more information related to quorum, confidentiality, and other procedural issues, as well as voting rights at different levels of review and whether proxy voting is permissible. The committee sent its comments to SPHL, together with the comments of the ERG Committee, in February 2014.
Next Step: SEC Review