Campus Affairs Committee

Campus Affairs Committee

Chair: Nima Farshchi (
Coordinator: Diana Allos (
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The Campus Affairs Committee oversees policies, concerns, and issues that affect the entire campus. The committee reviews and creates policies and procedures to protect the campus community in both external relationships, as well as internal operations. The Campus Affairs Committee concentrates a majority of its efforts toward the overall safety of the campus community as a whole.

The committee consists of an appointed presiding officer; six faculty members; two undergraduate and two graduate students; two staff members; the President or a representative of the Student Government Association; the President or a representative of the Graduate Student Government; and the following persons or a representative of each: the Senior Vice President and Provost, the Vice President for Administration and Finance, the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Vice President for University Relations, the Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion, and the Chair of the Coaches Council.

^ Meetings & Agendas

Fall Semester Meetings
Date Time Location Agenda
Wednesday, October 13, 2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Zoom Agenda
Thursday, November 11, 2021  1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Zoom TBD
Spring Semester Meetings
Date Time Location Agenda

*Please contact the committee coordinator if you would like the link to attend the meeting.

Committee Work

No bills currently under review by this committee.

Past Committee Work

Committee Members

Aderholt, VandaliahStaffVPAvthomps2@umd.edu2023
Anthony, KiaraUndergraduate StudentINELkanthon2@terpmail.umd.edu2022
Brust, GeraldFacultyAGNRjbrust@umd.edu2022
Burns, CalvinUndergraduate StudentENGRcburns1@umd.edu2022
Cantemir-Stone, CarmenFacultyCMNSccantemi@umd.edu2023
DePope, Leigh AnnFacultyLIBRldepope@umd.edu2022
Farshchi, NimaChairBMGTfarshchi@umd.edu2022
Foley, EthanGraduate StudentEDUCefoley12@umd.edu2022
Gebregziabher, MeganEx-Officio - Provost's RepSVPAAP2022
Greer Ettema, VanessaStaffVPRvgreer1@umd.edu2022
Koivisto, JosephFacultyLIBRjkoivist@umd.edu2023
Le Bivic, RejanneFacultyBSOSrlebivic@umd.edu2022
Lester, ChristopherEx-Officio - Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion RepPRESclester1@umd.edu2022
Lo, PearlGraduate StudentEDUCpearllo@umd.edu2022
Martens, AnneEx-Officio - VP Administration and Finance RepVPAamartens@umd.edu2022
Parashar, KislayEx-Officio - SGA RepENGRkisu@umd.edu2022
Powell, AllynnEx-Officio - VP Student Affairs RepVPSAacpowell@umd.edu2022
Rappeport, AnnieEx-Officio - GSG RepEDUCarappepo@terpmail.umd.edu2022
Sherburne, MarkEx-Officio - Chair of Coaches Council RepPRESmcsherb@umd.edu2022
Yonkos, LanceFacultyAGNRlyonkos@umd.edu2023