Point Solutions

Point Solutions (formerly TurningPoint)

The Senate uses Point Solutions (formerly TurningPoint) to vote on all action items during Senate meetings. Senators may use either the Point Solutions mobile app (available for download in the App Store and the Google Play Storeor a web browser to navigate to the Point Solutions website (https://ttpoll.com) for voting purposes.

Senate Canvas/ELMS Course

All Senators will receive an invitation to the Senate ELMS/Canvas course for that academic year (e.g., University Senate 2022-2023) as a Student member of the course in order to join the roster of those eligible to vote through Point Solutions. Senators MUST accept the ELMS/Canvas invitation to join the Senate "course".

Creating a Point Solutions Account


  • Once Senators accept the ELMS/Canvas invitation, they will receive an invitation to create a Point Solutions account, if they do not already have one.
  • Senators who do not already have a Point Solutions account MUST create one. Please follow these instructions on how to create a Point Solutions account.


Using Point Solutions to Vote at Senate Meetings

  • To view a short video that demonstrates how to log in and vote using Point Solutions in a web browser click here.

  • View step-by-step directions with screenshots on how to log in and vote using Point Solutions in a web browser below.


  • Open Point Solutions in the platform of your choice (mobile app or web browser) and click on Sign In in the upper right-hand corner.

sign in



  • Log in using your full university email address.


  • Go through the CAS login steps.

cas login


  • Once logged in, enter the Session ID, which will ONLY be available to Senators on the slide presentation at the Senate meeting in red and bold font and then click Join Session. The Session ID will be different for each Senate meeting.

session ID


  • To vote on the quorum count slide at the beginning of the meeting, select the “1” at the bottom of the polling question. Prior to voting, the “1” will be white/unfilled; after voting, it will be solid blue, which means the vote has been recorded. 


  • To vote on action items, select “1” if you are in favor of the action, “2” if you are opposed to the action, or “3” to abstain from voting on the motion. Your selection will appear as solid blue, which means the vote has been recorded. You can change your selection up until the vote has closed – your final selection in the voting timeframe will be recorded.  


During the Senate meeting, if you have any trouble accessing the meeting via Zoom, voting via Point Solutions, or if you experience other technical difficulties, please email senatemeetinghelp@umd.edu for immediate support from IT staff.

If you have any trouble setting up an account or logging into Point Solutions, please do not hesitate to contact the Senate Office (senate-admin@umd.edu).