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Senate Bill 18-19-23

Bill ID: 18-19-23
PCC ID: 18042
Name: PCC Proposal to Rename the Ph.D. in "Health Services" to "Health Services Research"
Proposed: 11/30/2018
Sponsor: PCC Committee
Proposal: The Department of Health Services Administration would like to update the name of the PhD program in Health Services to "Health Services Research." Health Services Research is the official name of the academic discipline and Health Services is no longer used to describe the field. This revision to the name will better characterize our field of study and match peer institution PhD programs in Health Services Research, including at Boston University, Johns Hopkins, George Mason University, and Stanford. The name Health Services can be misleading, as it could describe the broader field of health care service delivery, rather than the specific research field of Health Services Research.


Status: Completed
Completed On: 06/12/2019


Presidential Approval: 03/12/2019
Chancellor Approval: 04/10/2019
MHEC Approval: 06/12/2019
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Reviewed By: Senate
Received: 02/27/2019
Decision Date: 03/06/2019
Decision: The Senate voted to approve the proposal.
Next Step: Presidential Approval
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Reviewed By: Senate Executive Committee (SEC)
Received: 01/21/2019
Decision Date: 01/28/2019
Decision: The SEC voted to place the item on the agenda of the March 6, 2019 Senate meeting for consideration.
Actions: Because of the number of items on the February 5, 2019 Senate meeting agenda, the SEC decided to move this to the March 6, 2019 Senate meeting.
Next Step: Senate Review
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Reviewed By: Programs, Curricula, & Courses (PCC) Committee
Received: 11/30/2018
Decision Date: 12/07/2018
Decision: The PCC Committee voted to approve the proposal.
Actions: The PCC Committee considered the proposal at its meeting on December 7, 2018. It met with Dylan Roby from the School to discuss the proposal. After discussion, the PCC Committee voted unanimously to approve the proposal.
Next Step: SEC Review